Welcome to the webshop Osiris Shop 357, since 2002, the perfect place for all your quality Masonic regalia and objects, at very democratic prices.


The concept that began in 2002 under the name CiMi Shop, is now continued under the name Osiris Shop 357. In ancient Egypt, Osiris was a very popular god. He became increasingly important and became one of the greatest and most important gods in Egypt. His death is described in one of the most famous myths of Ancient Egypt: the Osiris myth. Osiris was the god of the dead and eternal life in the hereafter. Osiris was also often identified with the god Wenen-nefer, "who is constantly youthful," which fits with a dying and reviving god. Like a phoenix, he is a clear example of resurrection after a period of symbolic death or sleep.

Osiris Shop 357 is managed by Sister Susan and Brother Mick, and provides for a quick processing and delivery of your order, with complete discretion. You can come to us for quality aprons, collars, sashes, medals, jewelry, pins and other lodge objects, and this for all rites and degrees.


It is also possible to order regalia and objects that are not included in our webshop; for example, specific regalia for your lodge, lodge medals or a lodge banners. For this you can always contact us by email or by telephone.

 Osiris Shop 357 does not ship without payment of the order. We deliver and ship internationally.